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Most of my adult life has been focused on learning and exploring new ideas. Searching for the next cool thing has led to four college degrees, a career in high tech that spans Engineering, Software Development and IT and has provided the opportunity to travel to places I never would have dreamed of. It has also led to my fascination with photography, an art form that combines high tech equipment, artistic expression and endless opportunities to learn and experiment with new ideas.

My travel photography is not based on traveling someplace to photograph it, instead it’s traveling to experience someplace new and then photographing what I experience. Whether it’s the lights coming on at a Christmas Market in Germany or the ancient buildings in a Chinese garden, the inspiration to press the shutter button comes from the feeling of seeing something cool.

My seascape work is primarily focused on sunrise around the beaches of Cape Cod. Living a few miles from the Cape Cod National Seashore provides endless opportunities. Often arriving in the dark I can be found walking the beach with my backpack and waders, observing how the ocean, sky, and sand interact. I like to use long exposure techniques to try and capture the water in a way that conveys the dynamic aspects of sunrise over the ocean. I find each sunrise exciting in that there is a sense unknown as to what the new day will bring. I think the most exciting sunrise is on the morning of January 1 as it also brings the excitement of the New Year. Over the last 10 years I have tried to capture the arrival of that new year and these images can be found my gallery, The New Year’s First Light.


    • Town of Brewster - 2021 Annual Report

     • AARP - 2022 Calendar

    • The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod– 2020 Calendar

    • Cape Cod Wildlife Center – 2019 Calendar      

    • Town of Truro – 2018 Annual report      

    • Cape Cod Magazine Photo Edition - 2010, 2015

Cape Cod Art Center  Juried Exhibitions

    • Seeing in Black and White – 2022

    • Patterns – 2020

    • All New England – 2020

    • Bay State Open – 2019      

    • The National - 2018      

    • All New England – 2017

    • Places of Inspiration – 2017      

    • Lighting is the Key – 2017      

    • All Cape Cod – 2016      

    • Fluent in Photography – 2015      

    • Reflections – 2014      

    • Winter Wonderland – 2013

Group Gallery Shows     

    • Cape Cod Art Center - Online Solo Show  – 2022

    • The Field  Gallery - Alison Shaw Mentorship Show – 2021       

    • FotoNostrum gallery - The 6th Biennial of Fine Art - 2021           

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